From the perspective of educational psychology practice, readers may find the guidance given about marketing, including advice on how to identify and target potential markets, helpful when thinking about traded services.   British Psychological Society, Debate

This book provides therapists with the knowledge and skills to rejuvenate their therapeutic practice by incorporating wellness techniques into their range of services.  Institute of Complementary & Natural Medicine 

The book is aimed at complementary therapists or healthcare professionals that already have a skills base in healthcare or are working with people who want to bring wellness coaching into their existing practice. The coaching process is described in such an easy to understand manner that previously acquired coaching skills are not necessary. Quite apart from the wellness niche described, much of the book provides a coaching model that could be used in many niches. Laurel also stresses that the coaching skills have limitations and the coach should beware of their limitations. Starting with the current wellness market and provision and exploring the trends and emerging processes ensure that the scene is well set for readers to decide how best to incorporate their existing skills into this new market. Each section is concluded with a set of questions so that understanding is confirmed before moving forwards. Laurel has based the coaching part of her book on cognitive behavioral coaching but has also taken time to describe many other approaches and how they can be integrated into the wellness coaching concept. Progressing through to practice management and marketing, this book is a rich source of information written in a factual way but also with insets providing tips from Laurel’s experience, which provides greater insights and enjoyment in looking at the application of wellness coaching. I can thoroughly recommend Laurel’s book and consider it a great source of information, instruction, and reflection for any therapist or a healthcare professional looking to add to their existing skills base. Stress News; Journal for International Stress Management Association. Chris Clarke ISMA

This title offers a toolbox of skills, action plans, and research findings, and above all, I found it eminently practical and communicated. AVCC Journal, a publication by the BACP. Miranda Shoebridge, a student advisor at City College, Southampton

This book is virtually a course in Wellness Coaching in itself and should enable any existing talking therapist to begin to incorporate it into their practice with very little difficulty. Laurel Alexander has been a therapist, coach, trainer, and writer for over twenty years and brings a wealth of experience to the techniques outlined in the book. Not only are there sections on how to use the many techniques she includes, but also available are several very useful forms which can be downloaded from a website to save valuable time and effort typing them out for your use. Laurel also includes some very interesting case studies to demonstrate the use of some of the methods she outlines in the book. There is a very interesting section on Cognitive Behavioural Coaching, which she is quick to point out is not a substitute for treatment from a CBT trained practitioner (she recommends doing a course if you wish to go the CBT route) but seems to be very useful as one of the many tools used within Wellness Coaching. The book has a liberal sprinkling of charts and inside tips throughout its pages to make earning simpler. Also included are many valuable suggestions for improving your business through better marketing, image projection, etc. All in all, this book is very comprehensive, easy to understand and extremely helpful to any therapist wishing to add Wellness Coaching to an existing business. Fidelity Journal, a publication for the National Council of Psychotherapists.


SURVIVING REDUNDANCY (first edition, published by How To Books)




THRIVE ON REDUNDANCY (second edition, published by How To Books)

As recommended in The Bookseller Buyers Guide.

As recommended in Ms. London Weekly I’m Outta Here! by Natalie Millman.

As recommended in O S Magazine.

As recommended in The Evening Standard article What to Do After the Shock by Adeline Iziren.

As recommended in The Gloucester Citizen article Get Made Redundant and Thrive.

As recommended in The Guardian article How to Bounce Back from Redundancy by Hilary Freeman.

As recommended in Elle Magazine article Freedom Fighters.

As recommended in Bella article All You Need to Know About Redundancy by Michele O’Connor.



TURN REDUNDANCY INTO OPPORTUNITY (third edition, published by How To Books)

A positive read about a negative subject. O S Magazine

 Laurel. I was made redundant in January last year, so while looking for a job I loaned books from the library. I came across your book Turn Redundancy into Opportunity. Since then I started my own company and while it is early days yet, I feel positive and am learning much about the international business world. Many thanks for the inspiration. Mark

 As recommended in The Guardian article How to Jump When Pushed by Lucie Benson.

I was overwhelmed when I was made redundant as it was completely unexpected. Paralysis set in and I didn’t know where to turn for sound advice. I had been to the normal channels, but nothing or no-one appeared to be able to help me. I googled redundancy and found this book. It changed my life and gave me hope to try different avenues that could interest me. It also gives me a new perspective on how to accept that I had been made redundant – the bitterness, at times, was all-consuming. Brilliant aid to a new life. Zelda



FINDING A JOB WITH A FUTURE (published by How To Books)







CAREER NETWORKING (published by How To Books)

As recommended in The Guardian article How to … network without becoming a luvvie by Jilly Welch.

As recommended in The Guardian article How to Climb the Slippery Slope Alone by Annabelle Thorpe.

As recommended by The Career Secretary.



LEARNING NEW JOB SKILLS (published by How To Books)

As recommended in Woman’s Realm article How to Get the Training You Need by Melissa Lawrence.

As recommended in The Guardian article On Track with Your Training by Melissa Lawrence.




CAREER PLANNING FOR WOMEN (published by How to Books)

As recommended in Slimming.





CREATING AN EMPLOYEE WELLNESS PROGRAMME (published by Management Books 2000)





THE YIN-YANG OF BUSINESS (published by Management Books 2000)






SECRETS OF PROFITABLE E-COMMERCE (published by Management Books 2000)





MARKETING YOUR WEBSITE (published by Management Books 2000)






COMPLETE BEGINNERS GUIDE TO THE INTERNET (published by Management Books 2000






SECRETS OF SUCCESSFUL ONLINE TRAINING (published by Management Books 2000)






GRADUATE JOB HUNTING ON THE INTERNET (published by Internet Handbooks)






OVERSEAS JOB HUNTING ON THE INTERNET (published by Internet Handbooks)






WORKING FROM HOME ON THE INTERNET (published by Internet Handbooks)







EDUCATION & TRAINING ON THE INTERNET (published by Internet Handbooks)






CAREERS GUIDANCE ON THE INTERNET (published by Internet Handbooks)





  • Introduction to Mentoring, (accredited learning pack for Sussex Careers Services)
  • Mentoring in Community Education (accredited learning pack for WEA)
  • Mentoring in the Workplace (accredited learning pack for WEA)
  • New Horizons (accredited learning pack on personal and career development for University of Sussex)


This innovative and particularly useful resource collection offers information, advice, and activities to trainers and learners in a comprehensive and practical learning manner.  It contains 50 sections arranged in alphabetical order from such titles as Achieving ambitions with goal setting, Coaching others and Giving and receiving feedback; through Managing your anger, Networking and Presentation skills; to Surviving redundancy, Time management and Working with gender differences. Each section, averaging five pages each, follows a practical format of Introduction (a summarized text description of the subject); Individual tasks and reflection (activities, checklists, questionnaires, instruments, etc to enable self-development in the subject); Working with others (processes to help to identify and develop the learner’s skills with others when working with them); Working with a mentor (activities and discussion topics to assist learning with a mentor); and Developing others (suggested activities etc when you are training and helping others to learn in a training programme). Each section is completed by references to related web sites and also recommended Gower titles. The ‘675’ relates to the mass of ideas, suggestions and practical help in the 50 sections (although I haven’t counted them!).  This resource is packed with a wealth of information and advice that takes it beyond a self-development manual and is collectively a subject text-book, a training course and session planning and design aid, and an activity resource. I feel it is of exceptional value given the multiple uses it offers. A version is also available in digital form (.pdf files plus Adobe Reader) with easy access for yourself or the rest of the organization on an Intranet.  Reviewed by W Leslie Rae, Ellray Associates, (Training Zone)

This is truly a collection of resources for holistically developing yourself and those around you, involving development of the mind, the body and the spirit. What’s more important than developing ourselves to be fully functioning human beings in all aspects of our lives.  This resource provides a very user-friendly pack of activities and strategies to help us on this very important lifelong journey.  George Kearns FIITD, Arena

The resource manual is designed as a ‘dip-in, dip-out’ aid with strategies, ideas and activities for self-development and learning in the workplace.  I found the format extremely usable and was able to reproduce many of the resources in training sessions with my colleagues as well as reflect on my development through the activities given.  I would recommend this manual as an excellent resource that should be part of the training library for all managers and individuals who are interested in developing themselves and their staff.  Alison Lowe, Training Development Offer, VOLCAAN Training Development

An experienced trainer would be able to utilize many of the activities effectively, in a whole range of learning situation.  National Association for Staff Development (NASD)

This is a sound and extremely comprehensive resource that should be seriously considered by anyone interested in self-development or the development of others within an organization.  It makes a valuable addition to my library and one I have no hesitate in recommending.  Croner Management Training Briefing.  Dr. Fred Ayres, director of A L Consulting

This is a viable source of positive actions and ideas.  Personnel Today



  • Heard on some radio stations advising on managing redundancy.
  • Asked to appear on BBC’s The Money Programme giving redundancy advice.
  • Interviewed for Woman’s Realm on Surviving Redundancy.


Making Money

  • 39 Ways to Make Money from Complementary Therapies
  • 39 Ways to Thrive on Stress
  • 39 Ways to Improve Your Productivity
  • 39 Ways to Become More Assertive in Business
  • 39 Ways to Build a High Income Consultancy
  • 39 Ways to Outsmart Your Competitors
  • 39 Ways to Improve Your Image
  • 39 Ways to Make Money from Using Your Hands
  • 39 Ways to Feel Positive and Motivated
  • 39 Ways to Make Money from Communications Technology
  • 39 Ways to be a Better Business Communicator
  • 39 Ways to Make Money from Your Computer
  • 39 Ways to Make Money from Business Services
  • 39 Ways to Make Money from Food and Drink
  • 39 Ways to Make Money from Your Garden
  • 101 Business Ideas to Make Money
  • 39 Unusual Ways to Make Money
  • 39 Ways to Create Self-Marketing Resources
  • 39 Ways to Kick-Start Your Working Life
  • 39 Ways to Achieve Job Satisfaction
  • 39 Ways to Run an Agency From Home
  • 39 Ways to Make Money from Writing, Music, and Art
  • 39 Ways to Manage Yourself
  • 39 Ways to Make Money from Mail Order
  • 39 Ways to Manage Change

Bella (Women & Work: where the new jobs will be)

Choice (Consider Yourself an Expert)

Fidelity (Journal for National Council of Psychotherapists: 5 Ways to Market your Wellness Service – Creating a Marketing Plan – Running a 1-Day Workshop – End of Guaranteed Cheques – Creating Products)

Active Life (Working for Yourself)

Stress News (Journal for International Stress Management Association: Building for Change – How to Recession-Proof Your Wellness Practice – Making Money from Your Website – Creating Strategic Business Partnerships – Finding Stress Management Niches)

InForm (Bank of Scotland) (Great Expectations)

Business Opportunity World

  • Building Blocks: on how to diversify and stay in business
  • Fighting Back: Part 1 on redundancy series/success after redundancy or business collapse
  • It’s not the end of the world: Part 2 on redundancy series/evaluating your skills and strengths following redundancy and turning them into a new career
  • Expand & Contract: Part 3 on redundancy series/on how redundancy offers the opportunity to break free
  • Get out and meet people: Part 4 on redundancy series

Reflexions (Journal for Association of Reflexologists: 5 Step’s to Fulfilling Your Clients’ Emotional Needs – Getting the Christmas Work/Life Balance Right – What Every Reflexologist Should be Selling – Pushing Your Enterprise to New Heights)

Working from Home

  • Time Management for the Busy
  • 13 Secrets of Asserting Yourself
  • 13 Secrets of Keeping Motivated
  • Improving Your Problem Solving Skills
  • 13 Secrets for Attaining Peace of Mind
  • Providing Customer Care
  • Building a Support Network
  • 13 Secrets to Making Money
  • 13 Secrets to Getting More Business
  • 13 Secrets of Positive Thinking
  • Improving Your Decision-Making Skills

Book Reviewer: Making Money – Working from Home – Careers Guidance Today (ICG)