Wise women are part of every culture and are connected to nature, magick, Goddess energy, healing of themselves and others, the moon, intuition and the turning seasons.

Wise Woman Craft Mentoring could bring you:  creative expression, life clarity, a closer connection to nature,  authenticity, peace, self-healing and the integration of the sacred into daily living.


Wise Woman Craft Mentoring is taken over 13 moons (months) through supported distance learning where you can start at any time and learn from anywhere. You enter a supportive environment and access your inner growth mentored through my knowledge and experience gained over the years.

Why 13 moons? The Celtic people, led by the Druids, observed eight major festivals that were called Sabbats. The four Greater Sabbats are called Samhain, Bealtaine, Lughnasadh, and Imbolc. The Lesser Sabbats were the Winter Solstice, Vernal Equinox, Autumnal Equinox, and Summer Solstice. They also celebrated Esbats. Together, these were the 13 lunar festivals held throughout the year, celebrated at the time of the full moon. In honour of this Celtic weave, our journey is shared for 13 moons.




Month 1:  Introduction to the Wheels of Light and Base Chakra

Survival, physical needs, grounding/protecting and cleansing of self, stability, security, tribal power, family identity, archetypes, emotional challenges – working with the earth element – etheric level of aura

Month 2:  Linking with Nature

Working with the Wheel of the Year – bringing nature indoors – elements of earth, air, water and fire – mindfulness and the natural world – using nature as a metaphor for the inner world – lunar cycles

Month 3:  Sacral Chakra

Emotional balance, sexuality, motivations, influencing choices based on conditioning, allowing pleasure, creative expression, partnerships, archetypes, emotional challenges – working with the water element – emotional level of aura

Month 4:  The Goddess and Divine Feminine

Exploring different facets of the Goddess energy and how you relate to them

Month 5:  Solar Plexus Chakra

Personal power, self-will, self-esteem, courage to take risks, purpose, endurance, self- respect, uniqueness and individuality, archetypes, emotional challenges – working with the fire element – mental level of aura

Month 6:  Introduction to Oracle Cards

Overview of Oracle Cards for personal development and insight – creating your own oracle cards

Month 7:  Heart Chakra

Beliefs about love and relationships, forgiveness and compassion for self and others, balance, self-acceptance, unconditional acceptance of others, archetypes, emotional challenges – working with the air element – astral level of aura

Month 8:  Introduction to Energy Medicine 

Overview of energy medicine approaches

Month 9:  Throat Chakra

Communication, self-expression, power of choice, harmony with others, self-knowledge, creativity, archetypes, emotional challenges – etheric template level of aura

Month 10:  Introduction to Quartz Crystal Healing

Overview of quartz crystal healing

Month 11:  Third Eye Chakra

Intuition, wisdom, emotional intelligence, ability to “see” other than with the eyes, archetypes, emotional challenges

Month 12:  Creating Ritual and Ceremony

The role of ritual and ceremony in energy medicine – creating  prayers, blessings and invocations

Month 13:  Crown Chakra

Spirituality, selflessness, expanded consciousness, archetypes, emotional challenges

NOTE:  Depending when in the year you begin your Wise Woman Craft Mentoring as to where we start the Wheel of the Year (the eight Sabbats) teachings.



Because Wise Woman Craft Mentoring is a creative process, I ask you to keep a Soul-Making Journal throughout the time we work together.

As we travel through each month, I will send you reading material and prompts.  From your study, activities and reflection, you are then asked to complete your journal which is a record of your thoughts, feelings and experiences during our journey and is a blessing dedicated to your spiritual growth and path of learning.  As you share your journal entries with me, I will respond and guide you with questions and feedback.



The course is £699 and includes notes and project feedback.


You can pay in advance by bank transfer or online or monthly payment (£54) by standing order.


If you have a question, please email me on info@laurelalexander.co.uk or telephone me on 01273 564030.


1          If you would like to book for Wise Woman Craft Mentoring, either telephone me on 01273 564030.  Alternatively you could email me at info@laurelalexander.co.uk.

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