There comes a time when we just need to stop for a while and get off the carousel of life.  This is when I invite you to come to me for a two hour reflexology treat which will nourish and heal you in mind, body and spirit.

Your two hour Reflexology session includes:

  • Flower Foot Reflexology: Relax with an essential oil foot spa sprinkled with dried herbs.  Then lay back on the most comfortable of treatment couches, soft pillow under your head, a light blanket over you and a herbal eye bag resting on your closed eyes (yours to take home) and enjoy a soothing reflexology treatment rounded off with a wonderful foot massage.  Choose your flower reflexology experience from jasmine, rose or lavender.
  • OR Facial Reflexology:  Lay back on a wonderfully comfortable treatment couch, pillows supporting you under your head and knees, a light blanket over you and surrender to fabulous facial reflexology treatment rounded off with a relaxing foot massage with essential oils.
  • PLUS Vibrational Healing: Following the reflexology session, surrender to my unique weave of vibrational healing with crystals and flower essences to comfort and heal you in mind, body and spirit.


I am based in Brighton, Sussex.  Buses go to either end of our road and there are two train stations nearby.  On-road parking is pay and display.


The Reflexology Session is £85.

You can pay by bank transfer or online.



Purchase a Reflexology Treat Voucher. Email me and tell me where to send the voucher e.g. to yourself or someone else.  I will send you or the recipient either an email voucher or a hard copy voucher.  You can pay online here or contact me to arrange a bank transfer. The Reflexology Treat Voucher is valid for up to twelve months.