Pillar Of Light

Pillar Of Light

Laurel Alexander (from Women’s Wisdom: Natural Wellness Strategies for Pregnancy published by Findhorn Press)

The Pillar of Light moves across space and time as a flash of gold is seen from the corner of your eye. It travels across the lush and undulating hills that cover the summer landscape – skims the gentle wind that whispers through the grasses and slips over the gentle slopes and long vistas of the land. It dances through the clear morning sun and moves lazily into the shimmering afternoon, before sliding into the duskiness of evening and blending into the dark mystery of night.

The Pillar of Light listens to the song of summer animals, breathes in the fragrance of flowers, and celebrates the richness, fertility, warmth, and colour of the high season. The Pillar of Light feels the joy of nature. High summer is the season of expansion and of reaching out into life. Anything is possible.

The Pillar of Light travels across the earth as the land flexes and stretches its shape languidly beneath the heat of the sun. The light and warmth reflects the self-confidence of female fertility as they move through the undulating sweep of groves and hills. Balmy nights wrap a rippling swath of grey-and-black chiffon over the curvaceous land and hint at ripe sexuality and hidden folds.

The summer rains, fine mist, and morning dew moisten the land deep into the crevices and ripen the dark richness for impregnation of new growth. The fertile earth is as a woman’s womb. There is a sense of leisurely lustiness as the land spreads herself open. Soft and yielding.

The Pillar of Light travels farther along the valley with a hill either side. It moves among the curves and crevices towards a hidden entrance, protected by the most perfumed of flowering bushes. The Pillar of Light symbolizes the Sun God and his glory. The summer cauldron of the land represents the sacredness of the Earth Goddess and her lush bounty.

A wondrous sunrise greets the dawn, as the Pillar of Light pierces the east-facing hill and the opening to the most sacred of female places. The wetness of the earth softens to receive the Pillar of Light, co-creating a divine spark of life in its symbolism of the universal womb. As the two energies entwine deep within the earth, an intense focal point of incredible energy builds. All the land is aroused from deep within as the creative force seeks expression. Rhythmic surges engulf the land in ecstatic release, and a glimpse of infinity infuses everything.

On this day of conception, as summer reaches its zenith overhead, the veil between this world and the fairy world of magic is stretched thinnest. The Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year. The God in his aspect as the Sun King is at his most powerful and at his side rules the Goddess as the Summer Queen, whose cauldron is filled with the bounty of the season of growth: ripe fruit and golden grain.

As the sun descends into the power of the night, the moon rises to shed slivers of silver light on that which cloaks the new source of life. In the darkest of places, deep down within the core of the earth, is a dark cave. The gateway of the cave is small and tight. The cave itself curves around, above, and beneath an embryo, which contains the beginnings of a brain, spinal cord, and heart, with the merest hint of arms and legs.

Time passes. Major organs and external body structures have begun to form within what is now a fetus. Its heartbeat pulsates around the cave. A silver cord links the fetus to the cave and therefore to the land.

Time passes. The tiny fetus begins to move and grow. Its closed eyelids protect the developing eyes.

Time passes. Muscle tissue and bone continue to form, creating a more complete skeleton. Skin begins to form, although it is almost transparent. The fetus makes sucking motions with its mouth.

Time passes. Eyebrows, eyelashes, fingernails, and toenails have formed. The fetus can hear and swallow and becomes more active. The cave walls ripple in response to the movement, and the land moves in contentment. Gently, the fetus tumbles and floats in the moist air of the cave.

Time passes. The fetus is beginning to explore the cave wall, cord, and its own body parts. It responds to sound and reacts to light and dark.

Bone marrow begins to make blood cells. Taste buds form on the tongue of the fetus. Footprints and fingerprints have formed. Real hair begins to grow on the head of the fetus. The lungs are forming and the hands develop. The fetus sleeps and wakes regularly. It stores fat, has gained weight, and is now much bigger.

Time passes. The bones of the fetus are now fully formed but still soft. Its eyes open and close in response to changes in light. It kicks and jabs. Its lungs are not fully formed, but slight breathing movements occur. The fetus is gaining weight quickly and is even bigger.

Time passes. Within the cave, there is the pulsating sound of Earth Mother’s life blood and the steady beating of the land’s heart. Noises from far outside the cave are muffled. As the fetus becomes bigger it has more body fat and less space to move around.

Time passes. The fetus is now full term and its organs are ready to function on their own. There is a moment where time holds its breath in anticipation. Now is the moment. High in the sky, the full moon holds her belly ready to give birth. The silver light bathes the land in preparation.

The cave walls, floor, and ceiling begin to surge in a rhythmic pattern; guiding the fetus, head first, to the gateway of the cave. The waiting fetus pauses as the gateway begins to soften and open. The pool of crystal clear water just outside the gateway suddenly cascades down the tunnel outside the cave. A powerful surge ripples through the gateway, opening it to its fullest potential and the fetus begins its journey through the opening.

The fetus is slowly propelled down the tunnel by a continuing series of pulsations. The earth breathes a steady rhythm, which the fetus picks up and integrates into its journey.

The fetus pauses in a plateau of serenity, as it transits into a small cave with moist, smooth walls. The light is dim and the air hot and humid as the fetus moves through the sacred cave of Yoni. Placing its head down, the fetus wears the crown of birth as the opening to Yoni moves over its head and body.

Finally, the baby is born to the outside world. The fine, silver energy mist surrounding the baby shimmers and moves through the dense, powerful energy of Earth Mother until the two energies are as one.

The baby rests upon the breast of the land, immersed in and surrounded by unconditional love. Travelling in the wake of the baby is a pulsating mass that includes the umbilical cord. With a final surge, the mass is expelled and when the pulsations have ceased, the cord dissolves and the divine source of life closes quietly over the land. The baby lies upon the waiting mother, who creates a cradle of summer herbs and flowers for her baby made of chamomile, lavender, rosemary, marigold, and jasmine.

The baby has grown within the mother – their journey of two joined in one. Their spirit and soul have woven together, their sacred energies blended from the Divine. Yet as two they must grow. Their journey will take them through terrains of forest, valley, and grove and many rivers and streams to be crossed. Sun, rain, wind, and fire will be encountered as darkness and light show the way. Their journey will be full of opportunity. Sometimes they will travel together and sometimes separately, but never losing the sacred bond of mother and child.

Now is the start of their journey into a lifetime.

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