Welcome friend.

I am Laurel Alexander. Here I am welcoming you to WiseWomanCraft, well into my late-fifties, although the picture above, taken by my sister when I was frolicking amongst the wild flowers only a few weeks ago, makes me look so child-like.

Without boring you to death, let me tell you my story which provides the foundation for this site.

Prior to leaving school, I wanted to be a nurse and so enrolled in cadet school. While playing hooky from school one day, I thought – with the contrariness of a teenager – nah I’ll be a window dresser in a fashion shop instead. From there I entered office work which is where I met my husband. I then became a professional temp, working all over Sussex. One day, when I was working as a secretary in a large building society, I met Iris, the secretary in the next office along, who was an astrologer. From that meeting, I taught myself astrology, palmistry and tarot and entered the world of complementary healthcare. By the time I was 29, I was self-employed as an intuitive astrologer and tarot reader with a thriving teaching practice working for adult and further education and as a community tutor delivering personal and professional development and esoteric courses.

I’ve had astrological columns in local publications and been a resident astrologer on the radio.  Even had a brief TV visitation jabbering about stress management.

Several years passed during which time I developed my writing career.  Now I  have over 30 published books under my belt covering health and wellbeing, career development and small business development.


When I was in my late 30s, I seemed to stray off  my life path.   Then something happened which showed me I hadn’t lost my way.  Just as the moon is always there, even in the light of day, I was still connected to myself.

My intuition told me there was something wrong in my left breast.  There were no lumps or bumps, nothing untoward and no history of breast cancer in my family. Yet I intuitively knew there was something wrong.  I took myself off to a local cancer charity who offered mammograms.  Initially they wouldn’t see me as I was under 40 (not supposed to get breast cancer that young they said); there were no apparent symptoms and no family history.  But my boobs, myself and the mammogram fee insisted. An anomaly showed and I was referred to the local breast cancer unit.  Luckily the consultant who saw me, although not sure why I had been referred, listened to this wise woman.  Numerous biopsies later, a huge area of pre-cancerous material showed under the left breast.  I was offered a mastectomy, reconstruction and Tamoxifen.  All of which I accepted.  Being large breasted, I needed a reduction on the other breast to balance me up.  Now all these years later, today, I’m thankful to say I’m clear.

This life-changing event was a portal through which I stepped and returned to my roots of healing.  For almost 20 years now, I have been a healer and complementary therapist, spending almost 10 of those years working with women with breast cancer referred to me by the NHS.    I’ve worked with lots of people, with lots of physical and psychological issues, providing my own integrated approach of therapy and healing.

To finish this story, I would like to give you an insight into the things I love: black and white films, my garden, black cats, light summer rain, chocolate, crystals, Springtime, cuddling,  paddling in the sea with sand between my toes, laughter, sunsets, plants around the home, my head being scratched, Mick, fuchsias and geraniums, a jacket potato with melting butter, the colour green, Coronation Street, wood smoke, soft sheets, books, flickering flames and the sound of water.

What is WiseWomanCraft?

For me the spirituality of WiseWomanCraft has ancient roots that stretch back into infinity.  I believe that our spiritual natures are a weave of many traditions that give us our unique essence.  There are good aspects in all religions and schools of spiritual thought.  We each have the opportunity of creating our own spiritual texture and colour.  Although born Jewish, I am pagan by instinct.  So we all choose where our soul is the most comfortable.

WiseWomanCraft as I experience it is an eclectic weave of nature, cycles, the Goddess, healing of others, ritual, respect, magick, kindness, mystery, healing of self, land, elementals, symbolism, karma, the moon and compassion for self and others.

I choose to walk a solitary path and my teachers come in many forms: family, clients, friends, animals, nature, husband and students.  I like to think I am (on good hair days) connected to my authentic nature and that I allow this spirituality shine to through into my daily living in  practical and thoughtful ways.  This my friend, is the way in which I will teach you.

My Publications

Jessica Kingsley: How to Incorporate Wellness Coaching into Your Therapeutic Practice

Octopus (Spruce): Everyday Calm

Findhorn Press: Women’s Wisdom: natural wellness strategies for the menopause years – Women’s Wisdom: natural wellness strategies for pregnancy – Women’s Wisdom: natural wellness strategies for menstrual years.

Trotman: Getting into Complementary Therapies – Getting into Healthcare Professions – Getting into Physiotherapy – Getting in to Nursing and Midwifery – Directory of Nursing and Midwifery 2005 – Medicine Uncovered

Pavilion Publishing & Media: The Resilience Coaching Toolkit

My Qualifications

  • Certificate in Education
  • Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Advanced Diploma in Professional Stress Management
  • Practitioner Certificate in Reflexology
  • Certified HypnoBirthing Practitioner
  • Diploma in Nutrition
  • CPD in Precision Reflexology/Facial Reflexology
  • Reiki Master/Teacher