We are comprised of mind, body and spirit.  Mind with its emotions and intellect, the physical body and our elusive spiritual essence.  Our physical body and mind decays and passes while our spiritual essence moves into other forms and dimensions of being.  So we move onward –  learning and developing our nature and our connectivity to the wider scheme of things.


Karma is the law of cause and effect and weaves our experiences together as we evolve into higher levels of consciousness.  We develop through many lifetimes meeting challenges on several levels.  Karmic astrology is a profound way of discovering our karmic patterns and how other lives are influencing our current development and choices.  You can purchase a Karmic Astrology Voucher for yourself or another which is valid for twelve months.  There are two ways I offer the readings:

  • IN PERSON: I am available for in-person readings in Brighton, Sussex, UK or by Skype or Facetime.
  • WRITTEN: I can create a written (Word/PDF document) personal reading for and send it to you or the recipient by mail (please note: P & P will apply for sending a written report by recorded delivery abroad)  or email.


A birth chart reading provides a view of the dynamics and issues of this lifetime in relation to past lives, with a focus on the optimal paths towards self-fulfilment. This reading is intended to be inspiring, and also constructively deals with some of the more challenging dimensions of karma. NOTE:  I require the date, time and place of birth of the person in order to cast a birth chart.

In person (one hour) or written:  £59 


The chart of a particular relationship (both birth details will be required).  This in-depth reading involves casting and interpreting each person’s birth-chart from a karmic perspective before synthesising both charts for planets in houses and planetary aspects related to past life connections, karmic lessons and the way forward. NOTE:  I require the date, time and place of birth of both persons in order to cast a chart.

In person (a 90-minute session where both people can be present) or written:  £125


Dear Laurel.  Let me just say that your reading between Rodney and myself corroborated a great many things that I’ve been told by others!!  I’m extremely grateful that we have gifted souls like yourself to turn to for insight and understanding.  Karmic astrologers are next to impossible to find here in the USA.  Thank you so much for the excellent reading you did for us.  It gave me something I treasure greatly in this life – clarity.  Much love to you and those you hold dearest to your heart.  Robert S Kinder.


In person appointments (face-to-face in Brighton, Sussex or online) are available during the day or evening, weekdays and weekends.



Purchase the Karmic Astrology Voucher for the desired reading e.g. Karmic Relationship, in the desired format e.g. face-to-face or written. Email me and tell me where to send the voucher e.g. to yourself or someone else.  I will send you or the recipient either an email voucher or a hard copy voucher. You can pay online here or contact me to arrange a bank transfer.


The Karmic Astrology Voucher is valid for up to twelve months.  If the voucher is for yourself, contact me when you’re ready to either book your face-to-face reading or your written report.  If the voucher is for someone else, they will need to contact me.