Master crystals offer us a fantastic opportunity for self-development on the most profound of levels. They manifest in different forms each with a specific task that will open doorways to the higher dimensions and allow the integration of knowledge into the physical third dimension.  They act as our teachers, transmitting the energy frequencies that will guide our consciousness to a soul level and bring purity of thought and action into our hearts and mind.

Are you visiting this page because you:

  • love the feel and appearance of crystals?
  • want to understand and use the healing properties of crystal for yourself or others?
  • feel drawn to the magickal qualities of these wonderful gifts from nature?

The benefits of working with crystals are many.  For example you can: amplify and balance your energy field – channel divine energy – grid your environment – improve health of mind, body and spirit – access intuition – improve meditation practice – increase dream recall – improve relationships – enhance creativity – develop clarity and focus.

By coming into Brighton, Sussex where I am based, you can experience you one-day bespoke Developing with Master Crystals Workshop. You can have the workshop when you want, weekday or weekend.  Each workshop is delivered on a 1:1 basis.  The day starts at 10am and finishes at 4pm.


The workshop is suitable for those with working knowledge of crystals and covers: vogel crystals, platonic solids, twin crystals, elestials, barnacles, purple flame crystals, double terminators, phantom crystals and more.

Your workshop finishes with a crystal healing session for yourself.


laurel-gardenI am based in Brighton, Sussex.  Buses go to either end of our road and there are two train stations nearby.  On-road parking is pay and display.

There are places to lunch in nearby as well as two parks with cafes.  While we work in the healing room, you are welcome to enjoy our woodland garden during your lunch break.


I just wanted to say thank you so much for the lovely day I had with you on my crystal workshop back in November. I have had such wonderful, magical experiences working with my crystals since – they have literally come alive! I have done a tiny bit of reading and research, but nowhere near as much as I would have, but instead have relied on my intuition, which is proving to be a much better method, and a more enjoyable one. Well best wishes for 2010 and I’m looking forward to working with you again in the future.  Jodi Walton, Analyst

Working with master crystals is a very personal thing and I was actually quite moved by the profound experiences I had on this day. I worked with some of my own crystals and some of Laurel’s and realize that there are whole new ways of working with crystals that is fascinating.  Tom, mental health nurse.


The workshop fee is £130 and includes notes plus morning and afternoon refreshments.

If two of you would like to book a Developing with Master Crystals Workshop, it is my pleasure to discount your fee to £110 each.

You can also purchase a tuition gift voucher for the desired amount.  Upon payment, send me an email telling me whether to send it to either yourself or the recipient (name please) and whether you would like this by post (address please)  or email.


If you would like to book your Developing with Master Crystals Workshop with me, either telephone me on 01273 564030.  Alternatively you could email me at