Depth Of Autumn

Depth Of Autumn

© Laurel Alexander 2018

Falling leaves of russet, yellow, amber, bronze and beige

spin and twirl from branch to earth in a breath.

A carpet of frost-tipped leaves crunches underfoot on an underlay of cold grass.

A strong breeze shakes the leaves down into a pirouette to Mother Earth sinking into pools of slippery leaves on the pavement.

Autumn is the time for shedding that which we no longer need.


Undressed trees, skeletal, with bare branches and abandoned nest in trees revealed.

Autumn is the time for seeing the structure of our lives.


Fading flowers drawing back.

Spindly stems left to sag and mulch, dropping damp flower heads underfoot.

Spiders webs linking bush to branch, heavy with moisture and hidden danger.

Autumn is the time for withdrawing our color for future strength, leaving the evergreens to continue. Time for allowing the web of our life to unfold.


Cold, short days.

Bright sunshine low in the sky.

Moving into gloomy, damp and grey with fading light.

Drifting rain with fine mist quickly covered by the mantle of darkening evening.

Autumn is the time for immersing and understanding the shadows in our lives.

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